The policies of integrated system:

As one of the leaders providing the services in the fields of industrial engineering, construction, installation and commissioning, maintenance, and repair, the company aims to hold its high position by providing the country’s industrial needs and also tends to improve its service providing while it maintains and increases the quality of its dusty, as well. The company also intends to obtain the following targets in the field of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015:

1.Increasing the company’s competitive power by proposing appropriate prices.
2.Promoting of the technological and expert knowledge.
3.Establishing of commitment culture and organizing the management teams and promoting the teamwork culture.
4.Developing of communication network and promotion of thinking and customer base behavior. Moreover, towards the stationing of the safety management system and professional health care (OHSAS 18001:2007), environmental managing system (ISO 14001:2015) and the HSE-MS managing system, the company king for the following aims:

Awareness and motivation:
Increasing the awareness and motivation of the personnel about the dangers around the working environment and the consequences.

Perpetual improvement of the policies, methods and programs of HSE management, safety and environment.

Risk reduction:
Detection, assessment of deletion and or effective control of the risks in both normal and crisis situations.

Commitment to preventing the injuries and diseases, from the personnel and also from the environment pollution. In order to establish and maintain the management system standards in the company and achieving the above mentioned aims depend on the collaboration of all the staff, the manager, hereby, declares his indisputable commitment to fulfill the necessities obliged by law and also the necessities to which the company is instructed to obey as its policies of the integrated system.